Cup Noodles Campaign Uses Drones to Deliver Instant Ramen to Extreme Athletes


The instant ramen dinner company created an advertisement to show how their product can fit into an active lifestyle, with a little help

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 18 august 2014

Cup Noodles are often the go to meals of busy students and office workers alike. It’s easy prep and quick cooking time make it ideal for when you need a filling meal that is quick to make and cheap to buy. While it may be the staple of the sedentary diet, Cup Noodles was looking for a way to fit into a more active one.

Cup Noodles Brazil recently released a commercial, created by Dentsu, on YouTube showing just that, utilizing the latest in technology to fuel people on the go while they’re still going, literally. The Cup Noodles team sends out targeted drones, with the heads of whatever flavor they are carrying attached (beef, chicken, shrimp, etc), to find people in the midst of some extreme sports. While you may not want a Cup Noodle while surfing, rock climbing or tightrope walking between huge gaping ravines, it is a perfect collection of images for their new tagline: “You never know when you’ll get hungry.”

While these meals are quick, easy and inexpensive to make, and have more ingredients than the typical packed ramen, they aren’t exactly healthy. The high sodium content of the serving in addition to the preservatives used to keep the ingredients fresh makes it one of the least healthy options for a meal. So in order to make this the new go-to meal for people who are more athletic while certainly be a challenge for the Cup Noodle advertising team. Though, if they could assure consistent drone delivery, there’s a chance they might make it a part of their routine.

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