Beer Company Serves Up Its Own Twist on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Czech brew brand Two Tales completes the feat by swimming through some of the world's coldest waters

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 29 august 2014

The ALS ice bucket challenge has not only done good by raising awareness of and funds for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also known in the United States as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) research, but it has also unleashed the creativity of thousands of people. From celebrities to local officials and politicians to blue collar workers, people around the world are dumping icy water on themselves in the name of a good cause. Czech beer company Two Tales has set the bar even higher now with their latest video.

Dumping an ice cold bucket of water on yourself is not most people’s definition of pleasant, but imagine swimming in some of the world’s coldest waters instead? That’s what an unnamed employee of the company did. Attaching a camera to his head, he swam in icy waters all the way up to an iceberg, climbing on top of it before descending back into the frigid water below. They then challenges Adidas, O2 and Heineken to do the same.

ALS is a motor neurone disease which causes muscles to weaken and atrophy which leads to respiratory failure and ultimately death. The disease can be passed down genetically but many cases occur in people with no family history of the disease, and scientists currently do not know what triggers the disease. While there are treatments to alleviate the symptoms, there is currently no cure and is responsible for 2 deaths in 100,000 every year. The ice bucket challenge came about in mid-2014 to help with funding for ALS research. If a person accepts the challenge, they post a video of themselves dumping ice water on themselves and must donate $10 to the ALS Association in 24 hours. If they do not complete the challenge, they must donate $100 instead.

If you want to find out more about ALS, the ice bucket challenge or donate to ALS research, you can visit the ALS Association website for more information.

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