Digital Photo Series Shows Children Facing Inner Demons

Digital Photo Series Shows Children Facing Inner Demons
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Monsters beaten back with wands, swords, guns, and even a recorder

Ross Brooks
  • 25 august 2014

Darkness and closet monsters might not seem like much through the eyes of an adult, but for children they can seem like a life or death situation. To try and help turn the tables, French retoucher and digital illustrator Laure Fauvel has created a series of photographs that show children battling their inner demons. It’s called ‘Terreurs’ and shows what happens when kids are the ones chasing down monsters.

Armed with sticks, wands and swords, each of the photographs shows an eight- or nine year-old facing off against strange and terrifying creatures. So, if you’ve got any children, and they’re trying to overcome their fears, this might be the perfect series to show them that kids don’t always have to be the ones on the back foot.


Salome opts for a more medieval approach against this strange creature.


Oscar strikes fear into an oversized arachnid that has show up uninvited on the bottom bunk.


Diego is unfazed by this monster and decides to come out all guns blazing.


Sixtine has no plans to soothe the beast with music, her plan seems to be a severe beating with her recorder instead.


This wolf-like creature doesn’t even make it out of the closet thanks to Charlotte and her overpowering wand skills.

So there you have it, Fauvel proves that imagination can be just as useful for defeating monsters as it can be for turning them into the terrifying creatures that inhabit our nightmares.

Laure Fauvel



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