Kurt Moses Photographs Disney Infinity Characters in Unlikely Locations

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Macro shots show what digital superheroes get up to in the real world

Ross Brooks
  • 29 august 2014

In the build-up for Big Hero 6, an animated Disney film inspired by the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name, photographer Kurt Moses has captured Disney Infinity characters in unusual locations. The macro shots show characters in instantly recognizable situations, such as Merida from Brave facing off against a bear, but the wide-angle versions adds an unexpected twist. Keep going to see other household favorites such as Ralph from Wreck it Ralph, Elsa from Frozen, and Buzz from Toy Story doing what they do best.

Moses achieves the shots by using a fish eye lens and shallow depth of field, enabling him to capture the characters clearly but with a dreamy, out-of-focus background. As part of the project, he and his wife travelled the country to find the perfect setting for each scenario – always careful to pay attention to angles, lighting, background and composition. “I’ve always been fascinated with miniature photography and love creating unexpected shots by photographing miniatures outside the constraints of their natural habitats,” says Moses.

Thierry Braille, Managing Director of Disney interactive EMEA adds:

“We love the originality of Kurt’s work. The essence of Disney Infinity is allowing kids the freedom to play and let their imagination run wild, and Kurt’s photography is a wonderful expression of that.”

Moses was also lucky enough to get early access to Disney Infinity characters such as Baymax, who will be featured in the new animated film Big Hero 6. Fans will be able to use Baymax’s super strength, along with hundreds of items, locations, props, vehicles and more from across the Disney and Marvel universes to create all-new adventures in the 2.0 Toy Box.

While the first thing to do is take a look through the gallery of Moses’ work, it might also be worth checking out the trailer for Big Hero 6, just so long as you don’t consider yourself too old for animated Disney movies, of course.


Images by Kurt Moses


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