Home Dome Rotates On Axis to Capture Energy from the Sun

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Solaleya's Domespace is a new type of dome-shaped home designed to optimize its position to the sun

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 august 2014

Originally designed by architect and designer Patrick Marsilli, Domespace is a round-shaped pre-fabricated home that rotates on its axis to adjust its position relative to the sun. That is, owners can rotate their Domespace home away from the sun when it’s too hot or towards the sun during the cold months.


The Domespace concept was first designed by Marsilli back in 1988 and originally manufactured by France-based company Domespace Homes. Domespace homes are exclusively distributed in the US by Solaleya, a company focused on providing eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and innovative custom homes and interiors.

The dome-shaped house sits on a bed of steel ball bearings set on a circular railing. The rotation system can be controlled manually via remote control or programmed via computer. Owners can control or set the speed of the rotation at anywhere between one to four inches per second.


Aside from adjusting the Domespace home’s position in relation to the sun, the rotation system also allows owners to switch up the views from their windows or position their bedrooms away from noise.

Domespace homes are made only with FSC-certified wood, which does not include harmful chemicals, and are built to withstand earthquakes up to magnitudes of 8 on the Richter scale and winds up to 240 km per hour. According to the Solaleya website, every Domespace home is built over an elastomeric belt that works like a cushion against vibrations. The Domespace is also designed to be structurally sound, with the frame made out of beams of spruce, a material classified and considered as a hard material like concrete.


Domespace homes have windows facing the sky to allow natural light to filter into the house. Optional integrated solar panels can also be installed to capture and store solar energy.

The shape and design of the house help create a comfortable interior atmosphere. Given the combination of large windows letting light and air in freely, a rotation system that adjusts the position of house, and a central chimney that helps disperse the heat, the Domespace home provides a unique solution to cooling and heating challenges.




Source: Inhabitat

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