The head of Bulldog Drummond on how simple acts of kindness can build brand and consumer loyalty

I recently met with the CEO of The Honor Foundation, an executive leadership institute that serves the Special Forces community by equipping them to successfully make the transition from service into the private sector. During our first meeting Joe Musselman told me a story that highlighted the humility of a Navy Seal. The story was about a military Captain who would always wait at the back of the line when boarding civilian flights because it was a reminder to himself that he was in the business of serving others and his country. What struck me about that simple story was the complete lack of selfishness. A few days after speaking with Joe, I listened to a friend speak about the notion of small gestures of love and how they can change lives. These two events sparked my thinking about how I serve others and what we can all do to make people’s lives better both personally and in business.

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