Etsy Shop Offers Paint Roller Kits with Decorative Patterns

Etsy Shop Offers Paint Roller Kits with Decorative Patterns
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These embossed tools create the designs of wallpaper without the inconvenience

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 13 august 2014

Wallpaper has gone out of style for several reasons, but a large factor was the difficulty in installing these sheet-type decorations. To be properly applied, wallpaper requires no defects in the drywall or plaster it will be adhered to, and the temperature of the room must be properly maintained to prevent the paper from unsticking from the wall. In addition, when you wish to remove or replace old wallpaper, you must use either a smelly vinegar mixture or steam, which could damage the wall underneath. Despite all of this, the desire for wall decorations has not diminished, so new forms of wall art have been created, and one such form is the Patterned Paint Roller Kit offered by The Painted House.


The Patterned Paint Roller Kit is exactly what it sounds like. It contains a six inch wide paint roller that is embossed with one of eighteen designs, and one of two applicators- one for use on fabrics and one for use on walls, papers, and wood. The rollers are both reusable and interchangeable, and allow you to create beautiful patterns on your walls without any of the hassle that comes with applying wallpaper.

Created by Claire Bosanquet, the kit was modeled after an embossed paint roller the designer came across while traveling in Romania. Her updated system has been optimized for use, and works with any matte paint. The Patterned Paint Roller Kits are available on Etsy starting at $25.89.



The Painted House // Etsy

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