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Tel Aviv creative director Dudi Ben Simon transforms ordinary objects into something completely different

Leah Gonzalez
  • 8 august 2014

Dudi Ben Simon is a creative director based in Tel Aviv, Israel and he snaps photographs of various everyday objects that he has arranged carefully to create different objects or scenes.

Dudi takes ordinary items like ceramic bowls, plastic bags, a McDonald’s French fries packet, and even leaves and green beans. He then puts two or more items together to create something else entirely and then photographs them. The creative director posts his creations on his Instagram account.

Dudi and his work was recently featured on the Instagram blog. He says that he is inspired by the people and objects around him. He explains in the blog post, “Since studying history of art at school I was fascinated with what can be made by using objects and daily pieces when they are disconnected from their original use.”

He also says that his ideas for each image is formed “in a matter of minutes” and that he works with his feelings towards something and does little planning at all. He shares,

A year ago I purchased a plate with a black swan image that I had been dying to take a picture of but couldn’t find an idea. One morning, I opened the fridge and in front of me I saw some green beans—I took the photo that second before I left to work. I also take the photos on the same table or hardwood floor. It amazes me how different it turns out every time.

Some of the images in Dudi’s series of perception illusions include a long white cable that he has coiled on top of a waffle cone to create a cone of vanilla ice cream, and a stack of painted ceramic bowls and a drawing of a hand at one end of the stack to create a sleeved arm. Another image in the series consists of a fire extinguisher and a clear plastic coming out of its nozzle.

Dudi’s photo series plays with viewer perception by transforming seemingly ordinary objects into entirely different things.

View more of Dudi’s work on his Instagram. Take a look at some of his work below.

Dudi Ben Simon

Source: Fubiz

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