FDA Uses Minecraft as Anti-Smoking PSA Platform

FDA Uses Minecraft as Anti-Smoking PSA Platform

Open world game is the latest setting for a clever public announcement

Ross Brooks
  • 19 august 2014

Minecraft is a world where it’s possible to battle terrible creatures one moment, and relax in a mushrooms kingdom the next. Tapping into this realm of possibility, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has partnered with YouTube celebrity SkyDoesMinecraft to create an anti-smoking PSA. Apart from a clever way to access 10.3 million people, it’s an interesting new approach to in-game advertising.

The details of the anti-smoking campaign have yet to be released, but there’s plenty of information on what makes YouTube such fertile ground for the idea. SkyDoesMinecraft, who is actually 21-year-old Adam Dahlberg, has attracted more than 2.1 billion views and 10.3 million subscribers since he first started his YouTube channel. As for smoking, Dahlberg has never indulged personally, but says that his life has been greatly affected by family members who have.


The creator got his start creating videos about Runescape and World of Warcraft, but soon switched to the sandbox game. In the time he’s been a content creator, Dahlberg has collaborated with big names like Ubisoft and Tontino’s, and was also picked up by the popular multi-channel network, Machinima. Despite his amazing success, it was only natural that his parents had their doubts in the beginning:

“When I originally started doing what I do, they were not as enthusiastic about what I did,” he recalls, laughing. “They said, ‘Are you sure about this? Are you sure it’s not a scam making money from the computer?'”

Plenty of other people earn a living from gaming videos on YouTube, but many of them often are often focused on the extreme skill of an individual, or helping people to outperform other gamers. Dahlberg likes that Minecraft is more laid-back. “It’s so community driven, unlike a lot of video games that rely on gameplay and the aspects of being better than other people… It leaves a lot for creativity.”



[h/t] AdWeek

Images by SkyDoesMinecraft

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