Sustainable Ferris Wheel Doubles as Dining Room

Sustainable Ferris Wheel Doubles as Dining Room
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'Top Chef' contestant Nicole Gomes puts her creative skills to the test, integrating science with art to create a bold foodie experience

Charlie Stephens
  • 25 august 2014

This September, an artistic food installation will be making its way to Beakerhead, a city-wide event in the Canadian city of Calgary celebrating creative engineering, sciences, and art. The culinary experiment is the creation of former Top Chef participant Nicole Gomes, a former Top Chef Participant based in Calgary itself.

Called the Periodic Table, the 16-bucket Ferris wheel will treat riders to a multi-course meal while they enjoy a view of the city. In addition to a molecular inspired menu, the hour and a half experience features pre- and post-ride cocktails, music, and even mechanical horses.

The ride’s dining segment will begin once riders are in the air, and it will last for about 30 minutes. All of the logistics for food preparation and delivery are still being worked out- serving food on a rotating machine is not a simple task. In an interview with CBC Radio, Gomes emphasized the importance of integrating science with the food’s delivery, hinting at the idea of using helium and balloons to transport the food.


As owner of a eco-conscious catering company that recycles all of its oils, Gomes realizes the importance of transferring this theme to her newest creation. The Ferris wheel will be bio-diesel run, and will be powered with used cooking oil from downtown restaurants.

The ride/restaurant will be open for business September 11-13, and tickets can be purchased for $90 at the event website. The Periodic Table is just one of many cultural events at Beakerhead, where public performances, art displays, and creative competitions of all sorts are scheduled to take place.

Nicole Gomes

[h/t] Beakerhead, CBC




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