Finnair’s New Helsinki Airport Lounge Features Adaptive Designs

Finnair’s New Helsinki Airport Lounge Features Adaptive Designs
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Vertti Kivi creates pre-flight space for road warriors, young travelers and tourists based on static structures

Simone Spilka
  • 7 august 2014

Finnair has opened its Premium Lounge at Helsinki Airport that adapts to traveler needs and moods. The work of Vertti Kivi of dSign Vertti Kivi & Co takes Finnish design to a new level with a complete upgrade of exclusive features based on the different types of work and emotions of customers.

The space was inspired by the transformative experience of the global traveler with static desires. Suspended lights that disappear and three-dimensional walls, along with other configurations, change throughout the day and make the space come ‘alive’ for up to 122 guests.

Finnair Premium Lounge during the day

The flexible space was designed to appease the three categories of Premium Lounge clients: road warriors, young travelers, and tourists.

Kivi tells The Daily Traveler,

Road warriors seek function and ergonomic comfort. Thanks to mobile technology, younger travelers are always multitasking, so it was important to support them in working and relaxing at the same time.

With the overall upgrade, the space now includes a Finnish sauna and private shower suites, in addition to the usual high quality pampering options such as high-quality complimentary meals and beverage. The Lounge offers clients an individual experience with different space for work, dining, silence or spa treatments.

Private Shower Suites at Finnair Premium Lounge

The unique design that plays on lights and moods is meant to evoke an emotional experience for the airline’s most loyal and demanding customers. Finnair aims to provide their clients a space that exudes a sense of calm and relaxation, with an ambiance which represents flight.

Finnair Premium Lounge Dining Space

Using Finnair’s color palette of blue and white, clients are meant to feel as if they were sitting amongst the clouds before they take flight.

DSign Vertti Kivi & Co


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