Branding Firm Creates Product Meshing Design with Human Senses

Branding Firm Creates Product Meshing Design with Human Senses

Ever wonder what makes cities so engaging? SensoryLab recreates city experiences through scent

Michael Ellenbogen
  • 6 august 2014

Scent is the strongest thing tied to memory. “Our sense of smell is extraordinarily emotive,” say the folks behind the effort, adding:

A fragrance can transport us to another place in our minds and hearts. A scent can take us on a journey, unlock memories and past experiences. It’s playful, adventurous and a powerful emotional connector. The SensoryLab distills the essence of four unique cities into scent. A unique and surprising combination of aromas captures the diverse experiences of London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, bottled and beautifully packaged.

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SensoryLab, a promotional packaging design was created by branding and design firm Boldinc to capture the experience and emotion of four of the world’s most culturally exciting cities, with the goal of demonstrating the ability to emotionally engage people via design and packaging.


Combining the essences of four cities into a scent, the aromas are created to capture the diverse experiences of what it feels like to be in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney.

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The SensoryLab piece includes a fragrance diffuser made from a lab-inspired flask, flask holder, candle, stamped box which contain four city-scented fragrance vials, as well as a USB stick which includes a clips of the processes, workshops and inspiration that went into creating the project.

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