Artist Transforms Street Fixtures into Cyclops, LEGO Minifigs

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French artist Le CyKlop turns signs and posts into familiar characters

Leah Gonzalez
  • 21 august 2014

Since 2007, the French street artist known as Le CyKlop has been transforming public space and fixtures into playful and imaginative art pieces, brightening up ordinary urban environments and creating a fun experience for locals as well as tourists.

The artist turns street signs, parking posts or bollards, and other public structures along streets in Paris into colorful one-eyed monsters, LEGO minifigures, and other well-known pop culture characters with different expressions and unique personalities.

Le CyKlop uses stickers, stencil and spray paint to create his street art works, which are inspired by archetypes of folk art, manga, comics, toys, popular mythologies, different animals, and even African art. His art work are quite easy to identify since he always incorporates his signature by creating one-eyed characters that reference the mythological creature, cyclops, whose name he goes by.


On his website, the artist writes that the Cyklop watches the city and scrutinizes the people with its unique and colorful big eye. The artist started doing his street art without permission, but after a petition from supporters the city government allowed some of the street art to remain in place. The artist has painted over thousands of street signs and posts and has even applied his art to entire neighborhoods. The artist also adapts his art to the area – creating funny characters on posts near schools, for example, and creating flaming art on posts near a fire station.

The artist has participated in festivals and his work has been exhibited in galleries and fairs. Le CyKlop has also worked with schools to create his kind of street art with the school children. The artist has created street art not only in Paris but also in other French cities, as well as Berlin.


View more images of the artist’s work on his blog.

Le CyKlop

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