Videoless Video Game Accessible for Non-Sighted People

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Navigate new worlds and vanquish your enemies with nothing but sound

Ross Brooks
  • 11 august 2014

Video games for the visually impaired are few and far between, but thanks to the ambitious French creative studio DOWiNO, there is a very cool new game on the horizon called A Blind Legend. It’s the story of a knight who seeks vengeance from the people who gouged out his eyes and robbed him of his true love – and the challenge is to get her back with nothing but your auditory senses.

The mobile game requires players to maneuver through the game using simple swiping motions on their device. While the screen remains dark, except for a vague, shimmering texture, you have to rely on your daughter’s voice and the clash of swords as your guide. The audio was created using binaural sound, a 3D recording method for headphones that makes it easier to build complex and interactive environments with nothing but sound.

According to the DOWiNO designers, their aim is to “offer non-sighted people a proper video game, with a rich storyline and tailored gameplay, which is as interesting for this audience as for sighted players.”

The designers got their wish thanks to a successful crowd funding campaign run on the European site Ulule. Launched in early July, it raised over €40,000 ($53,652) to turn the studio’s demo into a fully-functional game. What’s even more surprising is that the game will be available in early 2015 for absolutely nothing.

Pierre-Alain Gagne, General Manager of DOWiNO, told GOOD Magazine via email that they want to make games for “changing people’s behavior and attitudes towards subjects like disability, social responsibility, and sustainable development.” he went on to add, “This is for us a new business model testing, to fund and create serious games with a community and address it directly to the community, without any intermediary.”


A Blind Legend looks like a game that will not only appeal to the visually impaired, but gamers of all ages who are looking for a unique challenge in their pursuit of gaming excellence. Hopefully DOWINO will also be able to spawn a new era of audio-driven games that appeal to those with, and without disabilities.



Images by DOWiNO


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