Handcrafted Wooden Neckties Break from Traditional Menswear Styles

Handcrafted Wooden Neckties Break from Traditional Menswear Styles
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TAKD design revamped the men's fashion accessory using woodworking methods

Leah Gonzalez
  • 27 august 2014

The necktie and bowtie have gone through quite a few changes through the years. Most of the time, redesign or revamps of the traditional menswear styles are limited to use of various types of print or fabric, changes in the width or length, and variations in the shapes. These days we see different necktie and bowtie styles – wide and pointed, slim and squared, solid-colored, printed, and more.

Detroid-based interdisciplinary design studio TAKD design has created their own version of the bowtie, one that uses wood as its main material and centerpiece. The studio has come out with a collection of bowties that are fabricated by hand from various types of wood.

TAKD design’s The Bowtie is a necktie alternative that also serves as an elegant design object.


Each Bowtie is handcrafted from solid timber and then sanded down and finished in-house using CNC routing and woodworking techniques to ensure that each piece complies with the desired level of quality.

The Bowtie comes in a unique patent-pending geometry that features rounded sides as opposed to the typical pointed ends of a traditional bowtie. The wooden menswear accessory is secured around the wearer’s neck with a hand-sewn strap.

To let wearers mix and match their bowties with their mood and outfits, the Bowtie is available in four types of wood such as White Oak, Walnut, Ash, and Wenge. There are also four different fabric patterns to choose from for the straps.


The distinct style of the Bowtie is extended towards its packaging. The back of the bowtie is stamped with the studio’s logo and the entire thing is wrapped in craft paper packaging. The necktie alternative adds a geometric, contemporary spin to men’s fashion.

The Bowtie is the studio’s first self-initiated project. Those interested in adding this unique design piece to their fashion ensemble can order from the TAKD design store. A Bowtie set is priced at $40 to $45. Buyers can also order the wood separately for $25 to $35 each and the strap for $15 a piece.


TAKD design

Source: Designboom

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