Honey Bank Installation Raises Awareness of Dwindling Honeybee Populations

Honey Bank Installation Raises Awareness of Dwindling Honeybee Populations
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French art collective Parti Poetique has created an art exhibit dedicated to educating the masses on the significant decline in bees

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 5 august 2014

Bees are a sticky subject amongst most people. They often invoke fear and panic when one wanders into a room or car, and they can be highly deadly to those with allergies. While they are one of the most reviled insects, they are also ones in danger of extinction. For years, the overall population of bees has been decreasing, which not only puts the ecosystem out of balance but places our food supplies in jeopardy. While there is no singular cause for this massive decline, scientists and green activists are urging people to support local beekeepers and plant pesticide-free flowers to try and plateau the loss.

French art collective Parti Poetique is also doing their part to try and bring awareness to this issue. How? By creating an art installation known as The Honey Bank, designed to educate people on what they can do to help save these creatures.

Using the tag line “Time is honey,” The Honey Bank allows people to create a bee savings account, where they put actual money. Their return is not in cash, but in honey, the bee’s natural product. This way, people directly invest in the feature of this highly important species and get back something sweet for their good dead. The campaign is open to anyone who wants to participate but they do have to attend the installation physically.

If you want to do your part, there are several installations across Europe you can visit. In France, there is one is Bordeaux, Blanc Mesnil, Rouen, Saint-Denis, Paris and Meylan. There are also installations in London, The Hauge, and Geneva. You can also find beekeepers in your home country who can help you create your own bee garden, giving these much-needed creatures a place to grow.

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Parti Poetique

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