do bem creates a wristband that measures body movements, sleep and vitals

A natural juice company in Rio called do bem plans to launch the first a Brazilian-made smartband, the do bem maquina.

The wearable has the standard features you would expect, measuring body movements, sleep patterns and vitals, compiled and presented in an app. Users can track progress just by glancing at the four different LEDs on the gadget which indicate levels of activity relative to goals determined by the World Health Organization.

“In 2012, we felt the need to give a more complete experience to our users. We know that they already had our juices as a healthy fuel for their bodies, but we needed to provide them more information. That’s how do bem máquina was born,” says Marcos Leta, do bem Founder and President. For the past 2 years, do bem has worked with Huge to prototype and test the smartband with stakeholders and influencers to make sure they put the best possible product to market.

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