IKEA Time Travel Experiment Employs Hypnotist to Show Couple Their Future

IKEA Time Travel Experiment Employs Hypnotist to Show Couple Their Future

The furniture giant's new video campaign features Justin Tranz helping a couple experience life-changing everyday events

Emma Hutchings
  • 22 august 2014

IKEA experimented with time travel for its latest video campaign. The iconic brand teamed up with world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz, who interacted with a young couple by showing them their future and allowing them to experience life-changing everyday events. This campaign marks a new way of developing customer relationships.

IKEA’s time travel experiment aims to highlight that life happens every day. They let young couple Adam and Sofi take a sneak peek into what could happen in their future using hypnosis, which is bypassing the critical faculty of a person’s conscious mind and implanting selective thinking.

Hypnotist Justin Tranz, who has performed at over 6,000 stage shows in Vegas, first made the couple believe it was twelve years from now and their daughter’s birthday. Then he showed them even further into the future with their daughter all grown up.


Tranz quickly turned the IKEA bedrooms and bathrooms into a stage and passersby became the stunned audience for what unfolded. After putting Adam and Sofi into a trance (a state of sleepwalking where people are more open for suggestion) they were exposed to potential life-changing everyday events in a predicted future.

IKEA tried something different for this campaign, and the time travel experiment enables customers to experience their solutions in the future. To help the subjects have something real to relate to, they brought in a few actors who pretended to be future family members.

The release of the films in this campaign supports the global launch of the new IKEA catalogue and this year’s theme – “Where the Everyday Begins & Ends”. The central premise focuses on bed and bathroom solutions, rooms IKEA are paying extra attention to this year.



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