IKEA Death Star Lamp Inspired by the Empire

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Exploding pendant lamp is the perfect way to make your home more sci-fi

Ross Brooks
  • 20 august 2014

As part of the upcoming IKEA PS Collection 2014, Stockholm-based product designer David Wahl has designed an “exploding” pendant lamp that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Death Star found in Star Wars. Apart from how good the lamp looks, it can also be transformed from a tightly bundled ball of light into an exploded series of panels with one pull of a drawstring. That means a built-in dimmer switch, and a great way to protect your investment if you want to move it from one place to another.

The idea behind IKEA PS 2014 pendant lamp is to be able to dim the light manually by changing the shape of the shade, Wahl says. When the lamp is closed it resembles a ball of fire, with the color of the arms creating an exciting light. When you pull the string the lamp opens up and releases all the light.

In line with other lights that make up the IKEA PS Collection 2014, the “Death Star” lamp makes use of LED lights, which last longer than traditional bulbs, and also use 85% less energy. The exploding panels are made with a white polypropylene plastic, while the internal rods are available in either turquoise or orange.

While it might be easy to dismiss the Star Wars themed nature of the lamp as coincidence, the designer was happy to admit where he got the inspiration:

“My inspiration came from science fiction movies and video games, which I like a lot. And even if the lamp stands out visually, it doesn’t take much room – perfect for anyone who lives in a small space.”

So, if you want to infuse your home with a sic-fi element, IKEA’s latest offering might be the perfect choice. It oozes style, projects a cool pattern on the wall, and has a simple built-in dimmer mechanism, what more could you want? The lamp is available on IKEA’s website for $69.99, just remember that it doesn’t include a bulb.

David Wahl

[h/t] Homeli

Images by IKEA

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