Active Kids Game Combats Obesity with Collectible Monsters

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STOMPS is an Indiegogo project that encourages children to move by offering a fun incentive

Emma Hutchings
  • 27 august 2014

STOMPS is a new project created in London, which is currently raising funds on Indiegogo. It aims to combat childhood obesity by combining wearable tech, game design, and monsters. The mobile game encourages kids to keep moving and offers a fun incentive: collecting hundreds of monsters to adventure with or trade with other gamers. The more they move, the more monsters they collect.

STOMPS was created due to the prospect of an obesity epidemic caused by consumption of junk food and lack of exercise. Health professionals recommend that children get at least one hour of aerobic activity every day but only around 10% of kids do the recommended amount of exercise.

STOMPS’ creators are parents as well as being part of the creative industry, and this is why they felt a responsibility to change things and help keep kids moving. The online universe of collectable monsters enables children to do more with their monsters in the virtual world if they move about more in the real world.


The aim of the game is to build a collection of monsters and adventure with them. Kids can decide for themselves how to use their collected energy points. They can either unlock new creatures, games and activities or explore a new level of the app. To play, they will need to download the STOMPS app either on iPhone or iPad and use a Fitbit movement tracker to monitor the child’s physical activity and transmit the information via Bluetooth.

There are various different STOMPS with different characteristics, including battle STOMPS, builder STOMPS, and explorer STOMPS. Some are easy to find, while others are much harder. The creators also plan to release new monsters in the future at regular intervals, providing kids with hundreds of STOMPS to swap and collect, so they have endless fun reasons to keep moving and be healthy.

Early supporters of STOMPS can get their hands on the iOS app for £5 when it’s released and there are lots of other unique perks available on its Indiegogo page.


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