The Kooks Music Video Stars Giant Human Zoetrope

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The promo for the Brit band's single 'Forgive & Forget' is a visual feast directed by Ivana Bobic

Emma Hutchings
  • 20 august 2014

The music video for British rock band The Kooks’ new single ‘Forgive & Forget’ is an all-singing, all-dancing promo featuring a giant human zoetrope. The visual feast with a twist was directed by Ivana Bobic.

The Kooks are seen performing in an abstract, graphic backdrop surrounded by multiplying female dancers. While it seems to take place on a circular set, it is in fact revealed to be a giant zoetrope. As the track progresses, the camera accelerates and the eight dancers magically turn into one girl.

Ivana Bobic developed the zoetrope technique for the video with Director of Photography Jake Scott and Panavision. It is a never-before-seen in-camera version of a zoetrope that works on basic principles of the original Victorian version. The shutter selects the frame visible to the eye, eliminating the blur and creating the illusion of movement. A strobe light acts as a shutter, capturing frames of each girls dancing in real-time.


The dancers were styled by Bobic’s long-time collaborator, Sam Ranger, and the band’s stylist Tui Lin dressed them exclusively in Saint Laurent. The execution of the video was very technical but the director wanted the final thing to feel effortless and seamless. As no one had ever created this kind of life-sized, real-time zoetrope before, the team had to build a special rig. Bobic explains:

The title suggested a kind of tongue-in-cheek love amnesia and constant repetition, so I wondered if I could make the whole video circular – constantly spinning around and around. I wanted the dancers to multiply into the band performance as the track progresses, they’re like space-babes with an Alexander Wang twist, appearing from the dark. The dance builds and builds to the big middle eight drums where the whole spinning circus accelerates to a giant zoetrope and the dancers turn into one. It’s a bit of a visual pun on the ‘forgetting.’

Ivana Bobic

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