Launch Your Pet’s Remains into Space

Launch Your Pet’s Remains into Space

Deeply dedicated pet owners can memorialize their animal companions among the stars

Janet Burns
  • 11 august 2014

Alas, mortality is part of the human condition — and, as many an owner knows, part of the pet condition, too. If, upon your pet’s passing, you are dissatisfied with utilizing any number of well-established pet cemeteries or a tasteful backyard burial, and seek something grander for your departed pal, you are in luck: you can now rocket your pet’s remains into the wild blue yonder.


As of Fall 2014, Celestis Pets will offer four services to give pets’ final remains (or a portion thereof) an extraterrestrial trip. While the launch schedule has not yet been announced, arrangements can now be made with the help of Celestis Pets representatives.

Celestis Pets’ Voyager service, starting at $12,500, allows pets “to explore places they could have only dreamed of in life” on “a voyage through deepest space, leaving the Earth-Moon system on a permanent celestial journey.”


A more modest package is the Earth Rise service, starting at $995, which “affordably launches a symbolic portion of cremated remains to space” and, after the payload has “experienc[ed] the zero gravity environment” and been “validated as having reached space, the capsule or module is returned to the family or loved one as a keepsake.”


Parent company Celestis performed its first memorial launch in 1997, bearing the remains of psychologist and writer Timothy Leary and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, and has been among several companies to provide various space burial services since, as advertised in this Celestis video. Keeping a savvy eye on this trend, Slate Magazine recently offered some side-by-side comparisons of human space burial packages for the star-ward bound.

Deciding how to handle your pets’ remains to best honor their lives can be a difficult and confusing process. If none of the above options seem appropriate for your family, it is worth noting that, at least in New York state, pet cemeteries allow human burials, too.


[h/t] Vocativ

Images: Celestis Pets


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