LED Hourglass Lamps Illuminated Using Falling Sand

LED Hourglass Lamps Illuminated Using Falling Sand
Design & Architecture

Kinetic energy powers Danielle Trofe's stylish off-grid lighting solution

Ross Brooks
  • 5 august 2014

Watching the sands of time slip through an hourglass is a hypnotic experience that can provide hours of entertainment, but Brooklyn-based designer Danielle Trofe has also found a practical use for all that falling sand. She designed a collection of LED lamps powered by the kinetic energy that are not only a perfect off-grid solution, but a great way to reduce the amount of energy consumed by lighting appliances.

Available as either table or floor lamps, they both require a human touch to flip them over so the falling sand can generate energy by passing through an internal mechanism. The floor lamp is suspended and rotates on a hinge to make the difficult task of flipping it easy for almost everyone. The table lamp uses a similar principle, but features a fairly different design as you can see from the pictures.


Made with sustainable wood and sand created from recycled glass, the hourglass lamps are eco-friendly, but just as importantly, they create a greater awareness of the value and finite source of light energy.

LED lights are a great step forward in the effort to conserve electricity and be more conscious about the energy we use, but Danielle’s design adds a physical element that reinforces the idea in peoples’ minds. An added benefit is that if you leave the room, the light will eventually turn itself off, which means you no longer have to remember to do it manually each time.


Danielle Trofe

[h/t] Inhabitat

Images by Danielle Trofe


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