‘Literal Street Style’ Series Reinterprets Photography Trend with Random Objects

‘Literal Street Style’ Series Reinterprets Photography Trend with Random Objects
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Traffic cones, parking meters and fire hydrants strut their stuff for the camera

Ross Brooks
  • 14 august 2014

“Street Style” blogs are hotter than ever, but Isla Bell Murray and Jessica Saia of The Bold Italic wanted to point out that “Street Style” is actually “People Style, Outside.” Their new series Literal Street Style pokes fun at the concept by photographing permanent fixtures of pavement life including fire hydrants, parking meters, cigarettes, and even trees. The pair even managed to get some “quotes” from the models who are out on the street looking good 24/7.


“I don’t think my style is anything to write home about. Hawaiian prints are on all my male friends this season.”


“I’m really inspired by clothing from the ’60s; I feel like I would have fit in much better back then. The silhouette of this dress does wonders for my butt.”


“I try to keep things classic; trends expire so quickly in this city. I stop caring on Sundays though, ’cause no one’s even looking.”


“I usually stick to natural fibers, but I guess it’d be nice to branch out.”

“Yeah, I know I look good. I’ve already stopped like 30 cars today.”


“Bitches love me, but it pisses me off, ’cause they’re always sniffing around, stealing my look.”


“Aren’t these glasses the shit?”

As you can see from the series, these are the guys and girls who spend their days out on the street day in and day out, which is why they represent the essence of “Street Style.” Next time you hear someone talking about the merits of fashion on the street, be sure to send them over to The Bold Italic where they can discover the true meaning.

Literal Street Style

[h/t] PetaPixel

Images by The Bold Italic


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