Eco-Friendly Mermaid Flippers Let You Channel Your Inner Ariel

Eco-Friendly Mermaid Flippers Let You Channel Your Inner Ariel

Urban Outfitters starts selling MerFin that works for fun or fitness

Ross Brooks
  • 18 august 2014

Whether you have a strong desire to be a mermaid, or simply want a better way to propel yourself through the water, then the Mahina Mermaid Flipper might just be for you. Made from recycled rubber, it’s a collaboration between the real-life mermaid, Kazzie Mahina, and the apparel brand Urban Outfitters. The idea might seem strange at first, but it shows that passion can take any form imaginable.

As described on the Urban Outfitter’s website:

Glide through the waves just like the mermaids with this pair of mermaid fin flippers! Crafted from recycled rubber making them totally eco-friendly. These babies are flexible and functional allowing you to speed through the water like a fish.

The MerFin isn’t cheap at $100, but it would work perfectly as a pool toy, snorkelling fin, or swimming device for fitness. As Mahina points out on her website: “Not to mention the incredibubble fun of bodysurfing the waves!”


To celebrate the launch of the product, Mahina has also got a special package deal available on her website. The $199 deal includes a pair of matching mermaid swim tights, along with a bikini set, both of which feature uniquely designed mermaid scales, Apart from being comfortable, they also offer some protection from the sun.

Before the MerFin, Kazzie made her own tails from latex and silicone with the help of two special effects artists on the Gold Coast, Australia. Since then, her work has grown into something of a movement:

Realising how potent the mermaid was as a metaphor for the connection between humans and the natural world, Mahina began to explore ways she could use her talents and her fins for environmental conservation. She felt education was the key, and what better way to inspire future generations than to create tails, with tales.

Check out Urban Outfitters website if you’re interested in the MerFin, or head over to Mahina’s website if you want to read more about her story.

Mahina Mermaid Flipper

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Images by Kazzie Mahina, Urban Outfitters, and Samuel Smith

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