Minecraft Virtual Clinic Will Raise Money to Build Real-Life One in Liberia

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Gaming duo solicits donations to fund a real clinic for mothers in need

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 13 august 2014

For pregnant women, getting to medical professionals in order to deliver their child in a safe, clean environment is essential to making sure their little one has the best start in life. Sadly, there are still countries where this is not a reality for many expecting mothers. This year’s Save the Children’s Build it for Babies appeal is for helping these women and their children in the African country of Liberia. So what better way to raise funds than to issue a challenge to the Minecraft community?

Clinic Craft, a project headed by video game personality Dan Maher and Minecrafter Chris Doney, is building a clinic like the one they hope to fund in Liberia in the virtual world of Minecraft. They are asking people to help fund their efforts as they make and protect the clinic online, or to donate directly to Save the Children. They also encourage other Minecraft users to build their own clinics, with whatever cool amenities they want, and to submit them for the chance to win prizes, and of course bragging rights.

Maher, who is also the Co-Founder of Explosive Alan Productions, says the project combines the creativity and the giving nature of the Minecraft community:

It’s not every day that the dedicated and inventive Minecraft community can use their talents for real-life construction, but that’s exactly what Clinic Craft is all about. Designing a health clinic when you’re used to planning a brick-for-brick recreation of Hogwarts or devising tactics to fend off the next Creeper attack will be a real change of pace for Minecrafters, but I think they’ll relish the chance to tackle an exciting new challenge that will ultimately benefit those in need in the real world. Life in Minecraft is tough, but it doesn’t compare to the struggles that mothers and babies in Liberia face when they’re deprived of basic healthcare in a hostile environment. With Clinic Craft, we aim to inspire people to do what they love most to aid those most in need.

Minecraft users are usually more than happy to donate for a good cause. Far Lands or Bust, where user Minecraft Kurt travels to the fabled “far lands” in the game, has collected over $250,000 for Child’s Play Charity. Hopefully, ClinicCraft can use the power of the Internet to help Liberian mothers in need.

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