Phone Calls App Seeks to End Phone Bills


Wedging its way in an already disrupted industry, mobile seeks to democratize international calling

Plus Aziz
  • 7 august 2014

nanu is a new app offering free global phone calls developed by father-and-son Martin and Daniel Nygate of Gentay Communications, who has teamed up with BBH Asia Pacific to sharpen the app’s brand strategy, visual identity, website development, and a robust outreach program.

In addition to being free, the app is remarkable in its ability to operate across all networks, including WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G and beyond. Tech Times explains the technical infrastructure behind nanu:

nanu takes advantage of ultra-low bandwidth technology that lets uses make quality calls even when only 2G connection is available. In fact, compared to Skype, the app requires about 80% less bandwidth to use. At the same time, nanu also boasts of clearer calls because it does not rely solely on P2P networks which degrades quality as the call goes through different POPs before getting to the recipient. Instead, it runs on a different architecture that routes calls either through dedicated lines or P2P networks.

This strategically extends the app’s reach to target a vast collection of consumer segments in rural and urban areas around the world. To keep their app free, users will need to listen to an advertisement over the ringtone before they are able to get to their phone call. This is not a new idea in and of itself, but with a mission that includes “ending phone bills”, nanu seeks to be a disruptive force in the already disrupted telecom world. Check out the chart below to see how they compare against the competition.

Try downloading the app below and see how it lives up to its promise.

Download nanu here

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