Momofuku, Estée Lauder Team Up to Create Perfume-Scented Cookie

Momofuku, Estée Lauder Team Up to Create Perfume-Scented Cookie

The New York-based bakery and leading perfume company's experimental product underscores the artistic similarities of beauty and food

Charlie Stephens
  • 14 august 2014

As today’s shoppers are being inundated with marketing messages everywhere they turn, big name brands are seeking out alternative tactics to engage consumers and stimulate their senses. Leading companies such as Heineken and Reebok have integrated taste and scent in recent campaigns in efforts to generate stronger emotional ties with their target market.

Now, Estée Lauder enters the realm of flavor innovation with “The Estée Cookie.” The creation comes as part of the #EsteeEdit series, an online lifestyle magazine dedicated to topics in beauty, music and food. Created by Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar, the special dessert is based on the Bulgarian rose heart of the cosmetic company’s “Private Collection” scent released in 1973.

Estee Cookie_Estee_Lauder_Momofuku.jpg

Most cookies and pastries are prepared with flavor and aesthetics in mind, but scent is merely a byproduct of the process. While “The Estée Cookie” flavor is driven by traditional cookie-type ingredients, melted white chocolate, milk crumbs, and freeze-dried strawberries, the recipe’s two drops of rose extract emphasizes the cookie’s signature aroma.

The collaboration with Momofuku is not the first by Estée Lauder- they previously worked with Navy’s Executive Chef Camille Becerra to serve up chocolate-covered marshmallows. Instead of solely utilizing beautifully crafted foodie pics, Estée Lauder’s attention on aroma may in fact develop new connections with consumers and increase the brand’s relevancy amongst content seeking customers.


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