‘The Giver’ Nail Polish Promotes the Post-Apocalyptic Movie


China Glaze has launched a new collection to tie-in with the star-studded film which hits cinemas today

Vashti Hallissey
  • 15 august 2014

To promote The Giver, a film based on Lois Lowry’s cult young adult novel, nail polish company China Glaze has launched a collection inspired by the film. The highly anticipated movie starring Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges and Taylor Swift is released today and many US readers will be familiar with the story, having studied it in High School.

If so, you are probably thinking that nail polish is not an obvious tie-in for this particular book. (Spoiler alert!) The film is set in a dystopian world which begins in a world without color. Instagram nail art and Lego manicures are definitely not an option for the characters at the start of the movie.

However, color is a powerful symbol in the book and this is sure to be impactful when visualized on film. So in some ways, a product which is marketed on color is the perfect choice for a tie-in. The collection includes off-white, deep brown, silver glitter and scarlet.


The names of the products are inspired by the themes within the film and they are some of the most lyrical to hit beauty store shelves. “Intelligence, Integrity and Courage” is sure to boost your ego. “Seeing Red” lets you channel your rage into your nail polish and “Boundary of Memory” would work when you are hung-over and last nights’ activities are hard to recall.


Other shades in the collection include “Friends Forever, Right?”, “Community”, “New Birth”, “Capacity to See Beyond” and “History of the World”. They are available for $7.50 each at Ulta.


Beauty and fashion brands often collaborate with movies and TV shows to enable audiences to recreate the looks seen on screen. Mac is a prime example of this, with examples such as the Maleficent Collection and its upcoming The Simpsons line.Cover Girl’s Capitol Beauty collection is based on The Hunger Games and Net-a-Porter released a line of clothes based on the films’ post-apocalyptic looks. Sephora has a Divergent Collection, Urban Decay recently launched a Pulp Fiction line to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the movie and Spiderman has a nail polish and lip gloss line.


The Giver collection by China Glaze is unusual because it is based on the themes of the movie and what colour means within the context of the film, rather than on the way the characters look. It’s a more abstract approach to tie-ins than we usually see and this is reflected in the imaginative names of the shades. Perhaps it will lead to other creative movie tie-ins that are inspired by the story rather than the stars.

China Glaze

The Giver

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