Swimmers and paddlers can now refuel in the middle of the Potomac

Food trucks cater to those in search of a quick bite to eat on land, but what about those on the water? Look no further than Nauti Foods, a new “food boat” that has started selling snacks and soda on the Potomac River in Washington D.C.. Only recently launched, the boat offers appealing treats like New York-style bagels, vegan cookies, and gelato. Keep reading to see how the owners got the idea, and what it took to get the boat out on the river.

Nauti Foods is co-owned by Ari Fingeroth, who runs a small home-remodeling company, and Tammar Berger, a consultant with the World Bank and co-owner of Off Road Indoor Cycling. The idea came to Fingeroth and his friends while they were grilling hamburgers and hot dogs on their ski boat, at which point paddle boaters and kayakers would start to turn their heads and edge a little closer. “That's when I got the idea — I thought, I bet these people would really like something to eat right about now,” he tells NBC Washington.

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