Ayah Bdeir and littleBits are introducing future creators to the interactive building blocks they'll need to go from concept to programmable prototype.

When Dorothy and her friends are rewarded by the Wizard of Oz for having melted the Wicked Witch of the West, they discover that the things they most desire (a brain, a heart, etc.) have always been close at hand.

They simply needed the right perspective.

The Scarecrow was plenty smart but lacked the diploma to make it official.

The Lion wasn't truly a coward, but he lacked a medal to proclaim his courage to the world.

Similarly, many within the Makers community are finding that they needn't be daunted by the mysteries of soldering, programming or chip manufacturing. Instead, they're building dynamic, interactive and even web-enabled devices with the help of new kits that use interchangeable pieces to string together basic inputs and outputs.

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