App Makes You Wait an Hour to Print Pictures for Greater Appreciation

App Makes You Wait an Hour to Print Pictures for Greater Appreciation

Nevercenter Labs brings back the black and white one-hour photo experience

Simone Spilka
  • 7 august 2014

The concept of the one-hour photo was lost to the immediacy of iPhones and Instagram. Technology has eliminated the need for the photographer’s creative process, although most people will always feel some sense of nostalgia for the silver film canister.

The disposable camera’s greatest charm is the suspense between a shot and time of development; the 1-Hour Photo app designed by Nevercenter Labs aims to bring back that sense of spontaneity to digital photography.

Now, it’s possible to take and retake a photo until both the shooter and the subjects are pleased, but the software developers behind 1-Hour Photo appreciate the thrill of waiting to develop a set of pictures. They don’t want users to be concerned with reviewing or deleting pictures in the process of enjoying the moment. With the app, users wait 60 minutes – in suspense – for a printed black-and-white photo.

The app allows users to select a focus and exposure, and then ‘sends’ the photo off to be developed. A button on the bottom right acts as a timer to count down the minutes until the photo is ready. The left side of the screen counts the amount of photos in the processing queue. A notification is sent at the end of the hour that the photos are available in your photo album.

1 Hour Photo Timer

The app encourages people to return to the slow photography process, putting value back into the photo. Inherently, the app makes photographers more conscious of the photos they take and eliminates the current, disposable relationship with digital photography.

The app is free on the iPhone for people who dislike selfies and are still enthusiastic about the suspense of waiting for pictures to develop.

Nevercenter Labs // 1-Hour Photo


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