Oreo Mini Treating 50 Tiny Towns to Pint-Sized Cookie Packages


Oreo Mini is delivering miniature packages of cookies to the smallest towns in the US

Daniela Walker
  • 11 august 2014

Monowi, Nebraska is the least populated town in the US, with only one person living there: Elsie Eiler. On August 11, Eiler will be receiving an unexpected petite package containing Oreo Minis. This package is a gesture by the brand, which is celebrating all things small as part of its Oreo Minis campaign.

Eiler won’t the only one receiving a small parcel in the the mail that day. Indeed, Oreo is sending out pint-sized packages to the fifty smallest towns across the country. These include Greigsville, New York where Sasquatch is rumored to roam amongst the woods of this town of 209 people. The recipients of the Oreo Mini packages will also be given the opportunity to share in the kindness, by sending along their own mini package through the Oreo Mini Delivery website.


In a miniature press release, Janda Lukin, senior director at Oreo Mondelez International explained the inspiration behind the mini deliveries:

At Oreo, we truly believe that it’s the little things that make life special, from little gestures to little places. We thought Oreo Mini was the perfect token to recognize and celebrate those special little things in life that have big impact. Oreo Mini Deliveries are our way of saying a little thanks to the people and places who help put a little bit of wonder into the big world every day.

The packages will come from Mel’s Mini Mart; the fictional Oreo Mini store that was first featured in the Wes Anderson/Dr Seuss mash-up ad, which premiered in June. In the advertisement, Mel’s Mini Mart stood neglected for years as passersby ignored the shop, assuming nothing worth anything could be inside such a small space. When a family of four finally peeked within, they discovered a world of Oreo Minis and, in the storyline, its fame grew as people from across the country came to visit the Mini Mart.


In the new Oreo Mini Delivery scenario, Mel’s is now taking online orders and shipping out across the country. The campaign looks to the heart of the country, celebrating small town America (literally) while also appealing to the sharing tendencies in us all, by allowing fans to send out their own petite parcels of ‘wonderfilled’ minis.

[h/t] Daily Mail

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