Peaches In Sexy Lingerie For Chinese Valentine’s Day

Peaches In Sexy Lingerie For Chinese Valentine’s Day
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Fruit vendor uses sex appeal to sell more $80 peaches

Ross Brooks
  • 6 august 2014

The suggestive shape of a peach has resulted plenty of innuendos over the years, but China has finally found a way to exploit that fact. A fruit vendor from Nanjing, Eastern China outfitted his peaches with sexy lingerie for this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day. The souvenirs come packaged in a satin-lined gift box, with each peach wearing its laciest, most seductive pair of underwear.

Even though the fruit are sold as a novelty item, a box of nine butt peaches sells for an impressive 498 yuan, which is roughly US$80. The peaches in question are known as “Ripe Fruit,” which can be interpreted in a sexual depending on how you translate the Chinese characters. They also happen to be sourced from Yangshan, Wuxi province, an area famous for its lingerie and garment industry.


Considering that this happened in China, it will come as no surprise that the idea has already spawned a number of copycats around the country. Not prepared to sit back and let his idea be stolen, the fruit vendor who coined the idea has already filed for a panty peach patent. He’s now filing for infringement with the intellectual property bureau to try and maintain his hold on the sexy peach market.


Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentine’s Day, is a celebration of the annual meeting between a cowherd and a weaver girl in Chinese mythology. It falls on the seventh day of the seventh month on the Chinese calendar and involves traditional rituals, prayer, and the burning of paper items as offerings.

[h/t] FoodBeast, Kotaku

Images by FenyiZX, Sjzhchb

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