College Application Process More Appealing to Gen Z via Plucked

College Application Process More Appealing to Gen Z via Plucked
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A web application where students and colleges can discover each other and connect

Vincenzo Landino
  • 28 august 2014

When Academy of Aerospace and Engineering (Connecticut) senior, Denisha Kuhlor, went through the college admissions process, she noticed many gaps in the system. Guidance counselors are outnumbered 443:1, students are overwhelmed, and colleges aren’t able to effectively communicate with potential applicants.

The idea for Plucked was born.

Plucked, which is tapping into an application market that is over $500 million, empowers the student through the college admissions process by allowing them to upload their unofficial transcript, and screenshots of their SAT/ACT scores.

The belief that financial barriers should not prevent a student from applying to an institution led me to starting Plucked.


Plucked helps students because it helps them find and apply to schools in which they are not only academically qualified but meet their self-specified needs as well. Students have the ability to regain control of their admissions process by not having to rely on guidance counselors and testing agencies to send their SAT/ACT scores and unofficial transcript.** Kuhlor firmly believes that “this allows students to spend less time on the logistics of applying to college and more time on finding and enrolling the perfect institution for them! Furthermore, the elimination of application fees takes away the potential from qualified and interested students applying due to affordability.”


Plucked also takes a stab at giving colleges a more cost effective way of reaching millennials while takes colleges away from their outdated marking efforts and connects them with target applicants that would be the best fit for their institution.

This is a clear-cut game changer in the secondary education market. Millennials are becoming increasingly difficult to plan for and market to and a tool like this could be just the ticket.

For more information on Plucked, visit Follow them on Twitter and be sure to be on the look out for their crowd funding campaign coming later in September on Fund Dreamer.

**Once a student decides to enroll in a school, they must confirm their self-reported scores by sending a school verified official transcript and their test score reports from the respective agency.

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