Full-Page Ads For Marijuana-Related Orgs Appear in ‘New York Times’

Full-Page Ads For Marijuana-Related Orgs Appear in ‘New York Times’

Oppositional advertisements in the weekend's 'Times' are indicative of contrasting public views on legalizing marijuana

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 5 august 2014

While it will likely take up to 18 months for the sale of medical marijuana to be officially greenlit in New York state, two marijuana related ads ran in the front section of The New York Times over the weekend, but they expressed opposite views. The conflicting ads are not only representative of the public’s current stance on medical marijuana, they are likely only the first in what will become more vigilant promotion both for and against mainstream adoption.

Grass is Not Greener is associated with Smart Approached to Marijuana, and ran a full page ad warning people against the dangers of marijuana usage. The ad features a man in two parts. His face is a cutout of a young man with long hair and a cap, in tune with what the typical image of a marijuana user. That part of him is labeled ‘Perception.’ The bottom of the man is dressed in a business suit and shows him leaning over a corporate table. This part is labeled ‘Reality.’ At the bottom of the ad is a paragraph informing people that legalizing marijuana is equivalent to ushering in a slew of new corporations who would make money off of a habit forming drug, akin to the tobacco industry society has fought so strongly against.


In contrast, Leafly also ran a full-page ad. It features two people on a city street, one a well dressed man heading off to work and the other a woman jogging. The ad calls attention to their illnesses and what specific kinds of marijuana are the best fit for treatment. Leafly is a website and mobile app that aims to help people find the right kind of marijuana for their ailments as well as dispensaries that sell it, so it makes sense that their ad also congratulates New York on the decision to legalize medical marijuana.

Both advertisements were printed in color and are the first of their kind to be published in a mainstream publication. Both ads act in response to the Times’ recent editorial calling for the United States government to repeal the prohibition of marijuana, which states that though there are no perfect answers regarding marijuana, there also aren’t perfect answers for tobacco or alcohol usage. Nevertheless, Governor Cuomo of New York has asked that the regulations and licenses process be expedited

The New York Times // Leafly // Grass Is Not Greener

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