Project Runway Social Media Campaign Takes To Instagram


Weekly photo challenges encourage audience participation during new season of fashion show

Simone Spilka
  • 12 august 2014

What happens when Project Runway marries Instagram? The team behind Movement Strategy, a social media agency, were collectively inspired to link the two and find out. The result was a two-part social media campaign for the fashion design show that encourages viewers to participate in voting outcomes and weekly Instagram challenges.

Runway Redemption allows former contestants a chance back into the competition, and offers fans the opportunity to cast the new season of designers. Online portfolios of selected designers eliminated in previous seasons are aggregated from their personal Instagram accounts. Fans browse photos and videos, and vote their favorite contestant onto the show’s upcoming season. Though Designer Amanda Valentine (@valentimes) came in 8th place during her initial season 11, her Instaportfolio full of sketches, Egyptian inspired themes, and dynamic shapes and patterns won her a spot at redemption.

The second part of the campaign gives fans the change to engage on a weekly basis and show off their own fashion photography. The contests takes #OOTD onto the runway using the #InstaRunway hashtag, where users share a picture inspired by the recent episode’s challenge. Tim Gunn announces his favorite selfie on-air the following week. The website features Project Runway Fashion Ambassadors, everyday Instagram users, who style new looks of inspiration for each week’s competition.

#Instarunway Contestants

The collaboration between Lifetime and Movement Strategy reflects the second-screen experience, a progressing trend that will continue to influence and engage audience participation in the future.

Movement Strategy

Runway Redemption

[h/t] Trust Collective

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