Style-Conscious People Can Power Up with Wearable Collection

Style-Conscious People Can Power Up with Wearable Collection

QBracelet is a fashion accessory that charges your phone

Kourosh Behnam
  • 21 august 2014

Q Designs has launched its flagship product, the QBracelet, a stylish unisex, lightweight accessory that has the ability to charge smartphones and other electronics. Most wearables in the market today do not combine the fashion aesthetic with technology. To be quite honest, these industries tend to stay away from each other. If you want a wearable product to succeed in the marketplace, it needs to look good on people.

According to Alessandro Libani, Co-founder and COO of Q Designs, “We conceptualized the QBracelet based on the idea that every useful object should be a beautiful object, and we believe that merging technology with fashion in smart ways will push the fashion industry forward. ”


People can cordlessly connect their smartphone directly to the QBracelet via a port that lies within the bracelets clasp. Depending on the device, the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers a charge of 60 percent. Once your smartphone is connected, the QBracelet is free standing and allows for easy phone use. This wearable is light and sleek and comes in two configurations, micro-usb for Android or Apple Lighting connector for Apple devices.


James Kernan, Co-Founder and CEO of Q Designs,  says, “The QBracelet provides a very sexy solution to a truly ubiquitous problem. Every smartphone owner worries about battery loss, and we endeavored to create a product that simply takes that worry away, effortlessly and with style…In our research, we found existing external battery solutions to be clunky, unappealing and frustrating to use, and so we set out to build a simple, beautiful alternative.”

The QBracelet is made from the highest-quality materials and is available in small, medium, and large. The premier collection comes in brushed and matte black, polished and matter silver and polished gold. It will retail for $99 but you can pre-order the bracelet for $79 at and it will ship in time for the winter holidays.


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