‘Quarterly’ Photo Journal Supports Creative Contributors

‘Quarterly’ Photo Journal Supports Creative Contributors

'The Quarterly' is a photo journal that aims to ethically support its contributors by fairly distributing profits among everyone

Daniela Walker
  • 21 august 2014

Launched in 2013, UK publication The Quarterly is on a mission to support creatives by giving them an outlet to share their work and get properly paid for their contributions.


Founded by graphic designer Sanj Sahota, The Quarterly is a photo journal that promises “ethical publishing practices” and “champions creativity.’ Sahota was appalled by the common practice of many fashion and photography magazines that either did not pay contributors fairly or did not pay them at all. So, for The Quarterly, he began with the premise that contributors would get a fair share of the profits. Sahota tells DesignGood:

A lot of contributors don’t get paid for the work they do for publications. If you’re selling tens-of-thousands of copies and not paying your contributors, something is wrong. At a certain point, the cost of printing and advertising drops off, and the remainder becomes pure profit.

Once printing costs are covered, The Quarterly promises to split all the profits with contributors. There is no advertising or fillers, so all of the profits come from selling the magazine. The goal was to have a publication that was filled to the brim with creative content, not the usual 60/40 split of ads to content that you see in most magazines.


The themes of each issue are quite broad: the first was Censorship, the second was Life and Culture and the third was Tribes. The vague themes allow for creative freedom and for contributors to collaborate on the theme with the magazine’s editors. Striving for quality and exclusivity, The Quarterly asks that submissions be proposals and mood boards – not already completed editorials – and offer to help bring the idea to life. This ensures all the work is made specifically for the magazine. Submissions are invited from photographers who are part of The Creative Book community – an online vetted portfolio site – which also ensures that standards are kept high.

The photojournal has turned to Kickstarter to help get production off of the ground for all three of its issues. There is a fourth currently in the works, with the theme Journeys.

The Quarterly

[h/t] DesignGood

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