Reebok Encourages Customers to Hack Apparel Purchases with Silkscreen Art

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Localized custom clothing can be created in-store with a new free service

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 4 august 2014

The area surrounding Union Square in New York City has become something of a fitness product shopping mecca. Within a couple block radius, the Nike running shop, New Balance flagship and iconic Paragon Sporting Goods are competing for active customers looking to kit themselves out for the gym or runs in Central Park. Reebok recently staked out their own spot on the heavily trafficked southwest corner of Union Square with the opening of a new FitHub concept store. Like other FitHub locations, this one will combine a retail shop with a Crossfit gym.

A unique addition to the Union Square location is ‘Local 1nk’ an apparel customization program which gives customers an opportunity to personalize their purchases for free. The process is pretty simple and takes only a few minutes.

Reebok have created a number of silk screened graphic options on clear acrylic which customers can test fit to their clothing choice. Each of these designs relates to NYC or the Union Square store specifically.

The next step is selecting a print color, Reebok offers three to keep it simple.

The screen is loaded up and either a staff screening expert like Julie Schabel will create the print or anyone can have a go at doing it themselves, with staff guidance of course.

A heat element is swung over and within a minute or two, the print is done.

Reebok is encouraging people to get creative and overlay multiple screens or choose a unique print placement. Once a customer agrees to have a print done thought, they have to live with the results, items can’t be returned or exchanged.

Paul Froio, Head of Concept Stores & FitHubs for Reebok told PSFK that Local 1nk was an idea to offer out of town visitors and locals in running clubs a way to have unique fitness apparel basically for the price of off the rack designs. He observed that lots of other surrounding stores offered NYC-centric items, but Local 1nk gives customers the chance to create a 1 of 1 item.

Other than within retail stores, Reebok are looking at creating a portable version of Local 1nk that the company can set up at fitness events it sponsors.

Reebok FitHub
Photos: Dave Pinter


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