Stop-Motion Food Film Inspired by 1920s NYC Old-School Delis

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PES, the filmmaker who created the Oscar-nominated short Fresh Guacamole, turned to Kickstarter for his next stop motion short

Daniela Walker
  • 25 august 2014

The stop motion artist known as PES, who was nominated in 2012 for an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film, has successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund his third film in the food series, to be called Submarine Sandwich.

Submarine Sandwich follows on from 2008’s Western Spaghetti, where he imaginatively made a plate of spaghetti with pick up stix pasta and bubble wrap boiling water. His 2012 Oscar-nominated film Fresh Guacamole went viral with 4 million views in 3 days. His films seem to be so successful because his imagination is endless. In these food series he makes ‘dishes’ out of unexpected and humorous ingredients – the avocado was a grenade, the baseball onion was diced into actual dice and the tortilla chips were – what else? – poker chips.

For the third installment, PES was inspired by 1920s delis, where subs originated, to create the ultimate sub sandwich out of unusually tough materials.

PES explains on his Kickstarter page:

I’ve always loved taking something mundane and transforming it into the unexpected through the animation process. It’s pure magic. In Submarine Sandwich, I’m taking all the stuff I’ve collected — scarred boxing gloves, time-worn footballs, hockey gloves, and chunky baseball mitts — and slicing them up in order to build the tastiest sandwich ever… though it might be a bit hard to eat!

For the first time, PES turned to Kickstarter to fund the project. As he carries on with developing and acquiring the equipment needed for the film, he will be asking his backers for suggestions such as what should represent tomato slices – bicycle reflectors or air hockey pucks? The artist raised $48,922 in funds, almost $20,00 above his goal. All the funds will go to paying for other artists – model-makers and animators – as well as all the equipment needed.

Now that is has been successfully funded, Submarine Sandwich should be coming to a computer screen near you in November 2014.


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