Turn Social Images into T-Shirts with New iPhone App

Turn Social Images into T-Shirts with New iPhone App
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SeeMe app turns photos into t-shirts in seconds and ships them to your home

Vashti Hallissey
  • 13 august 2014

As capturing our lives on camera becomes the norm, people are seeking to do more with their pictures than simply upload them online. A new app called SeeMe turns your photos into fashion with by transforming them into one-of-a-kind t-shirts. It is ideal for a generation of happy snappers who use their cameras to document their daily lives.

SeeMe is an artistic image sharing site with a global community of over a million members which aims to “bring creativity back into the real world”. It has released a free mobile app that invites people to turn their images into t-shirts and postcards.

SeeMe founder William Etundi Jr explains in the press release:

Imagine being on a road trip and seeing a gorgeous field of sunflowers… the perfect photo. What if you could do more than just share that image online? What if you could turn it into something you can wear or gift to a friend? SeeMe is bringing creativity back to the real world.

Users first capture and post an image, swipe it and choose between making it into a t-shirt or a postcard, a t-shirt costs $32 and a postcard costs $3. They have the option to customize the image layout on the product and once they have bought it, the item is printed and shipped to their home.


If you have taken a particularly lovely shot, other app users may wish to wear your photo or print it on postcard. SeeMe enables people to profit from their pictures, earning $6 for the sale of every t-shirt that they have designed and $1 for every postcard.

In terms of encouraging creativity, it is certainly seems more imaginative to create your own t-shirt rather than relying on a brand to do so. Branded t-shirts are the stock images of the photo world whereas these are the unique artistic shots.


As well as showing off your photography skills with pictures of sunsets and close-ups of flowers, the SeeMe t-shirts could be used for comic effect. You could wear your own duckface selfie, give your friends t-shirts of the moments they wish Facebook would forget or turn funny pictures into even funnier fashion.

The SeeMe app is free to download on Apple’s App store. Not so long ago we used to put our photos into albums, soon we could all be wearing them.


Image of dog: BarkBox SeeMe

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