Soundwall Plays Your Top Tunes from Customized Art Piece

Soundwall Plays Your Top Tunes from Customized Art Piece
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Art, music blend together beautifully with multimedia technology

Marnie Kunz
  • 4 august 2014

Soundwall offers a beautiful way to listen to your favorite music, with wireless speakers built into a piece of artwork that you pick out. The sound system connects with your wifi network and can stream music from your iPhone, Android or Sonos. It can also be connected to subwoofers for a total sound immersion experience. The entire surface of each Soundwall art piece is a speaker, featuring a built-in computer and a distributed mode speaker system with an amplifier. The high-tech sound system delivers pristine quality tunes that you can stream wirelessly from your mobile device or Sonos.


Soundwall offers a wide range of artwork options to choose from in their Gallery, including prints of classics by Cezanne and Pissaro, as well as modern art, abstract art, setting-based pieces and photography. For those who want a more personalized creation, Soundwall’s Print option allows you to create your own custom speaker using a print of one of your own photographs. And for the creatively inclined, there is a Paint option that allows you to paint directly on a blank Soundwall and create your own masterpiece.

Soundwall costs vary, depending on the size and artwork. Blank Soundwalls to paint are available in five sizes, ranging from 24″ by 36″ inches for a Poster size at a cost of $949 to a 40″ by 60″ Epic size blank canvas that costs $2,499. Soundwall pieces from the Masters Collection (featuring artists such as Sandro Botticelli, Paul Cezanne and Camille Pissarro) can cost over $1,000. Custom print costs for having your own photography featured start at $949. To begin designing your own musical masterpiece, visit Soundwall’s website.

Soundwall is based in Boulder, Colorado, where each piece is handcrafted and individually tested for sound quality. Soundwall, founded by entrepreneur David Hose, gives back to the community by contributing 1% of the company to the Entrepreneur Fund of Colorado. EFC is a network of Colorado entrepreneurs whose companies share a common commitment to pledge a portion of founding equity or a portion of annual profits to the community.



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