Sleep Like a Queen (Bee) in Honeycomb Hotel Made for Music Festivals

Sleep Like a Queen (Bee) in Honeycomb Hotel Made for Music Festivals
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Stackable pods offer a safe and sustainable place to rest and store your things

Vashti Hallissey
  • 5 august 2014

Music festivals aren’t known for giving people a good night’s sleep. In between getting kicked in the head as passersby trip over your tent and sinking into the mud as the rain sets in, you are lucky to get forty winks.

That could all change with a new design that brings luxury to this unlikely setting. The honeycomb-like structure of hexagonal pods stacked on top of one another provides a comfortable and cozy place to rest. The B-And-Bee can be set up anywhere and the bed can even be turned into a lounge seat so that you can sit in comfort while away from the crowds.

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The B-And-Bee began as a concept for music festival accommodation by Belgian companies Compaan and Labeur vzw which won a creative competition in Antwerp. They then collaborated with One Small Step and Achilles Design to apply for the innovation scholarship CICI 2014 and were selected as one of sixteen projects to develop over a year.

The scholarship grant enabled the team to create and test the B-And-Bee sleeping cells which are specifically designed for music festivals. They consulted with security agencies and festival organizations to ensure that the pods would fulfil festival-goers’ needs.

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Individual pods are 1.7 meters wide and 1.45 meters tall and each contains a king size bed. They include luggage storage, a light, a locker and a power supply which could be priceless when your phone inevitably runs out of battery.

Unlike the tents we usually see at festivals, which are often set alight or discarded when the music’s over, the B-And-Bee is sustainable. The team explains in the press release:

B-AND-BEE is a fine example of socially and environmentally responsible industrial design. The services behind B-AND-BEE are based on the social economy. The materials used are durable and help reduce the heavy ecological footprint festivals usually have.

The pods made their debut as a stack of six at DOK during Gentse Feesten and the team is now perfecting the B-And-Bee for launch next year. They are creating a buzz on social media and many festival organizers are keen to offer their attendees a honeycomb hotel. Watch out for the B-And-Bee at music festivals next summer.

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[h/t] Wired

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