Sunglass Store on Wheels Inspired by Food Truck Trend

Sunglass Store on Wheels Inspired by Food Truck Trend
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This mobile sunglasses store hits all of the sunniest locations in New York City

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 8 august 2014

One of the things New Yorkers love best about the warm summer months is visiting food-trucks. Food-trucks have become a staple in many communities, because they offer great food at affordable prices. In addition, they offer a unique dining experience, as customers can enjoy their food in an outdoors and open environment. Inspired by the food-truck generation, husband and wife Shaun and Rachel Moss have created the SunsTruck.

SunsTruck is a sunglasses store on wheels that offers a one-of-a-kind retail experience. With the assistance of Brooklyn-based Square Design, a 14 foot 1997 Grumman step-van was converted into the mobile store. The inside has stained oak panels with horizontal gradient lighting that aims to reflect the company’s logo, which happens to be a sunset. The van travels around popular New York City outside locations, including Coney Island, Rockaway Beach, the Financial District, and Brooklyn music festivals. Once at it’s location of the day, the truck parks and allows shoppers to come on board to tryon and purchase a new pair of sunglasses.

The company began after Shaun Moss realized he didn’t enjoy his work in a corporate environment. His wife, Rachel, was raised in a family business that focused on beach culture, and after brainstorming they came up with the concept for the SunsTruck, which is the perfect combination of Rachel’s upbringing and Shaun’s, who was raised in Manhattan. ‘I began to develop a love of the customer experience – the elation one feels when making that special purchase – an item they really want and reflects who they truly are,’ Shaun Moss says on the company website. ‘This is the experience I hope to deliver through SunsTruck, time and time again.’


SunsTruck only launched this summer, but the nouveaux idea is an intriguing one. In a city like New York, people try to do things as quickly as possible, and that includes shopping. SunsTruck takes away the idea of long lines and pesky sales assistants, and with the success of food-trucks, SunsTruck could be a pioneer in mobile retail. To find out where to find out SunsTruck’s location of the day, visit their website or Instagram page.

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