Swimming Pool Projects Live Feeds of Top Diving Spots to Create 3D Underwater Experience

Swimming Pool Projects Live Feeds of Top Diving Spots to Create 3D Underwater Experience
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The Swimarium 3D is surrounded by LED screens which project real-time imagery of the world’s most beautiful deep-sea destinations

Vashti Hallissey
  • 12 august 2014

Many of us have dreamed of diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Bali or the Galapagos but what if you could visit all of these places from your swimming pool? The Swimarium 3D makes this possible by recreating the most beautiful underwater locations on the planet through live imagery projected onto LED screens.

The luxury pool, which was designed by Hong Kong’s OVA Studio, is housed within a glass dome encompassed by LED screens. These screens correspond with underwater cameras in oceans around the world, including The Bahamas, Tiger Beach and the Maldives. Projected imagery on the screens offers people the immersive experience of swimming in these spots.


As if this weren’t awesome enough, swimmers can enhance the experience by wearing 3D goggles. With these, you could dive with whales or even have a close encounter with a real-life Jaws on the other side of the world.


You can also swim with 3D dolphins, hydrophones even recreate their singing to make it as close as you can get to the real-world experience.

When you come up for air, you will still be within your chosen destination. Recorded or live imagery from the parts of the location are broadcast onto the screens that enclose the dome.


OVA Studio’s futuristic pool has benefits for the environment too. Instead of destroying the Great Barrier Reef and other picturesque locations endangered by tourism, the Swimarium 3D recreates the experience without causing any harm to the environment.

The press release states:

It will spread the global consciousness and awareness of the rare and fragile beauty of our oceans and reefs biodiversity by giving anyone the chance to experience it round the corner.


The sea is not the limit for the Swimarium, according to OVA Studio’s release:

The experience could be extended to other types of environments, just imagine what it would be like to swim in space surrounded with outstanding images of NASA’s Hubble, or above Sahara desert dunes… Feeling the 0 gravity yet?

The company are currently searching for partners to bring this concept into being, suggesting the Discovery Channel, National Geographic or Google as potential collaborators.


The Swimarium 3D is a truly immersive experience that one imagines is like being inside a Pixar Movie. There are definitely worse ways to relax than swimming with dolphins in Fiji or diving amongst the stars in space. Let’s hope that OVA Studio finds a partner to make this dream a reality.


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