Three-Layered Mirror Visualizes Distorted Self-Perception

Three-Layered Mirror Visualizes Distorted Self-Perception
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The '1 2 3 Mirror' will change the way people view themselves

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 4 august 2014

While it is quite normal to have things we dislike about ourselves, a protruding belly, sun spots, or cellulite, society has lead far too many of us to have drastically distorted self-perceptions. In extreme cases it can become body dysmorphic disorder, but even in mild cases this unrealistic view of one’s self can be very problematic. The way we see ourselves has a big impact on our well being. It affects the clothes we buy, food we eat, activities we take part in, and mental health. Hoping to bring some of these issues into the light, and alter the way we see ourselves, two designers created the “1 2 3 Mirror.

‘1 2 3 Mirror’ is an attempt to depict how much our self-reflection depends on the context in which we live. Like all mirrors, the ‘1 2 3 Mirror’ shows our selves, as well as our surroundings. Unlike most mirrors, this mirror has three layers that each serve a purpose in creating our over all self view, one that has been specifically designed to be distorted. The front pink layer shows us a reflection, while the dark gray glass behind it represents the background required to have a clear reflection. The last layer, made out of untreated brass, will slowly change over time- distorting the reflected images. This is symbolic of how instances from our past linger with us and have an effect on how we see ourselves. The three layers are triangular in shape and lean against a wall, depicting how each layer depends on the next in order to give a complete reflection.


The ‘1 2 3 Mirror‘ is one half of a larger project called The Past is Never Dead. The Past is Never Dead was designed to examine and expand the thoughts triggered by design. Ideally, the designers hope it will lead people to come up with solutions as to how to remedy the way visual forms make us feel, as well as to challenge generally accepted behaviors.

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