Anti-Littering Ads Cleverly Layer Trash for Mocking Messages

Anti-Littering Ads Cleverly Layer Trash for Mocking Messages

City of Toronto calls people out for their lazy' and 'low-life' behaviour

Ross Brooks
  • 29 august 2014

It’s not often that you can use an advertising campaign to call people things like “lazy,” “pig,” and “dipstick,” but the City of Toronto has found a way. As part of their anti-littering campaign, the city’s Livegreen organization has arranged various pieces of trash lying on the ground in a way that makes people think twice about their attitude towards trash. Keep going for a few other classic insults that will hopefully kick your conscience into gear next time you consider littering.


City officials didn’t consult with any of the companies prior to rolling out the ad campaign which appeared in print, on TTC shelters and vehicles. It began in early August, and went by the name “Littering says a lot about you” – before the companies behind the brands got involved. When protecting profits and public image in the name of the game, many of the brands were quick to object to the use of their products. As a result, the clever public service announcements had to be trashed, even though were daring enough to make a real positive impact.

Here’s a quick summary of what Live Green Toronto does:

Live Green Toronto promotes and supports the greening of Toronto by offering grants, expertise and one-stop website full of resources, rebates, tips and tools to help residents and businesses take action to reduce emissions, protect our climate and clean our air.

While it’s a shame this ad campaign was put to rest, it’s reassuring to know there are people in the organization who can come up with clever ways to change public behaviour for the better. Hopefully they can do it again soon, but this time avoid the scrutiny of big brands who are more concerned with profit margins.


Live Green Toronto

[h/t], Bored Panda


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