Traveler Tracks His Sleeps in Strangers’ Homes Around Hong Kong

Traveler Tracks His Sleeps in Strangers’ Homes Around Hong Kong

Yearbnb online project documents one man's mission to stay in only Airbnb places for a year

Simone Spilka
  • 11 august 2014

Kevin Lynch wanted to explore Hong Kong different to most travelers. He didn’t require a travel agent to help him find the best hotel with the most comfortable bed. In fact, he didn’t need a bed at all because a cow shed or a boat would work for him, too.

Lynch found the cow shed and boat on Airbnb, the site that acts as his only source of shelter during his project Yearbnb. For an entire year, Lynch has used Airbnb to find different places to stay in Hong Kong and to keep the project interesting he stays in different neighborhoods with each visit.

The idea initiated when the traveler left Shanghai for a new job as ECD of an advertising agency in South China and didn’t have any accommodation. Only vaguely familiar with Airbnb, he decided to utilize the platform for sleeping arrangements and share his adventure via Instagram and Tumblr.

Quirky tumblr posts of photographs and project updates offers readers an amusing and authentic look into the Airbnb experience. He shares both the good and the bad, from shopping at local fruit markets to dealings with spider-infested tee-pees.

With just one month left, Lynch’s list of home stays includes over 150 nights in strangers’ beds and 53 diverse neighborhoods. In stays #53-55, Lynch and his daughter explore official B&B;’s, fishing villages and boats.

The local travel experience has never been more pertinent. Yearbnb coincides with the launch of Airbnb’s first global campaign, Views, which showcases hosts from listings around the world. The purpose of the campaign is to highlight the unique possibilities of Airbnb for both the traveler and the host, and celebrate the opportunity to gather new perspectives about people and cultures.

To follow Kevin’s adventure through Hong Kong, find him on @yearbnb or on his Tumblr account.

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