Sync is a VJ shirt with an LED plus sign that pulses in response to the background music

New York City-based design consultancy and R&D; lab CRATED worked with circuitry and hardware innovations startup Botfactory to create a piece of garment that reacts to ambient music.

Dubbed as Sync, the audio responsive “VJ shirt” features a plus sign-shaped LED on its front that pulses with varying intensity depending on the background music.

The audio responsive shirt was prototyped in only 24 hours, thanks to Squink, the personal electronic circuit factory developed by Botfactory. Squink, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter this week, can print conductive ink and create thin and flexible circuit boards. The plus sign-shaped LED on Sync relies on this type of circuit board set on a patch attached on the inside of the VJ shirt. The beauty of using a circuit created by Squink is that it is self-sustaining and doesn’t involve wires running through the fabric to get it to work. The patch can also be easily removed when the shirt needs to be washed or when the user wants to transfer it to a different piece of clothing.

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